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It's 6:30 AM - and my three year old has lost all TV privileges

So it happened. I really said it. Today I banned TV and movies for an indefinite period of time at 6:30 AM.  Or maybe said forever. I should probably pick up my Love and Logic book again because I guarantee I talked way too much  and also did not have a delayed consequence.

This is what went down in our household this morning. 3 year old and 1 year old wake up at 5 am They get to watch cartoons while I grasp for consciousness and coffee.

6:30 am - TV is turned off. With plenty of warning.
I say to my lovely three year old son, "Are you hungry for breakfast?" and so begins one of the most heated and disrespectful exchanges my boy has ever graced me with. Heaven help me.

NO! He replies in the rudest tone you have ever heard. Remembering love and logic I say, "Oh no looks like a little bedroom time is needed." When he kicks me in the shin and says," I'd rather hit you!" All the love and logic is out the window. I carry his writhing little body to his room talking the entire  way down the hall about how disrespectful his tone is and how if he hits me he'd better be ready for a big  consequence blah blah blah.

I get him out of his room. He finds a toy drill and begins drilling it in his mouth. I ask him to stop because it will hurt his teeth. He continues. I take the drill. He says, " I will climb as high as I need to to get that drill because I can."  Back to the room. More words from me.

Tantrum. Throwing things against the door. I hide the remote controls and announce their exodus from our living room.

Finally he gets to come out. I go on and on about how great it is going to be now that we don't have TV and how we can play all sorts of games and use our imagination.  I probably should have dropped it. I know better. But I just kept talking the words kept coming like Hey three year old ! I'm going to prove a point and it is that I am right and you better not act like this again because I am the boss and know more than you. 

He responds, " Mommy! I have a great imagination! When I use my imagination and play games I can use it to find things like the remote for the TV!"

Now before this epic battle of wits early this morning I have to tell you my son is a pretty sweet guy. I mean I don't want you to think I am raising this awful shin kicking smart mouthed brat. This is actually typical behavior with one common denominator. This happens every time I turn off the TV. I am so done with it. Something about the screen and his little brain is going on. He is seriously addicted to TV. It is his absolute favorite thing in the whole world. And I take it away. Like a drug dealer saying he can only have a taste. Okay that may be a bit dramatic but I'm serious it's crazy.

So I could just let him sit in front of a streaming show the whole day long and have the easiest day ever. That's option number one. Well except for the little detail that I have a one  year old daughter who won't... but horrible parenting notions aside. I'm not going to do that. No matter how much he sasses and throws a fit.

So paw patrol guess what? I'm not calling you to save the day at our house tonight while I' m trying to cook dinner. Or tomorrow morning while I'm trying to shower or drink coffee without demands.

My husband says we should have a reward system where he gets to earn "TV tickets". That is great positive reinforcement and overall stellar parenting. I say the TV is out the window. Let him earn tickets from his daddy and his daddy can turn off the TV. Because we are going cold turkey here you'd better believe it.

Instead of a battle of wits son get ready for a battle of stubbornness. Because you have no idea who you are dealing with. Just ask your nana.

*** Disclaimer- If TV does come back it is because it is better option than mommy losing her mind.****


  1. It's OK to talk a lot when it's more to keep your sanity than discipline ;) Good luck tomorrow! It usually takes up about 3 days to detox from too much TV. Then we've always gotten sick and I'm like, Daniel Tiger marathon!

  2. I'm cheering for you lady! I wish I had the strength. I feel like I always cave for "one more show" when I think of everything I can get done without three year old distractions/demands. I might aim for no tv this week though. Well, no tv and lots of wine.


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