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My Work Space

I figured it out! I always wondered why am I so incredibly neurotic about my kitchen being clean? When my entire (albeit cute and cozy) house is a disaster I am okay as long as my kitchen is clean. If my kitchen is a mess watch out. Crazy mama up in here.

Ok let me back up a little bit. I have always had a special way to have a space where I spend the most time. As a 3 year old little girl my mother found me lining up my toys in my room and organizing. I always had a clean messenger bag in high school with neatly labeled binders. Wherever I studied in college or graduate school had to start out neat....Fast forward to my first major career. When I got my desk - you could find me purging the old dusty files, getting out the Lysol wipes and making sure the highlighters and pens were put in the right place. Then I got to work. Before I wrote this post I tidied up my desk. So cleaning just may influence my "zen." So what?

I am raising children. All of this work, self control, teac…

5 Things a mama is thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Have you noticed there is a plethora of blog posts announcing the top "things" you need to know.
I'm just trying to keep track. I read one titled for instance "10 things you should NEVER say to your child." Oh man I'd better read that. I nervously think I've probably said 6 out of the 10 already. Then the next post - "the one thing that your child needs to hear from you"- Ah! What is it?! I am I saying it? Is my husband saying it? Panicked. Must read the one thing. Then 8 things you must know to raise a boy - or no it's 10 things to say and do to raise a confident girl today...So I am going to need a list of all these "things" for me as a mom to remember. These exact "things" I am supposed to do and supposed to say. I mean seriously. 

Anyways I decided after seeing yet another one to do a post of my own. The 5 things this mama is thankful for this Thanksgiving. Oh and if you are like me, you totally didn't read the fi…

Love and Logic UH OH HOW SAD

Here's the nitty gritty break down on the old L&L. 

First some background: Before I left life as I knew it, or in other words became a mom, I was trained in good old love and logic. I came to work dressed professionally, met with my collegues and talked through all the different scenarios we could use love and logic techniques with the students we worked with. 

Students I might add who were "at risk" in other words expelled, on probation,in gangs, using drugs..etc. Love and Logic worked miraculously with these guys. I mean really. AMAZING. 

So...When I saw there was Love and Logic for parents. Let alone for EARLY CHILDHOOD! I thought this is for me! I am already so amazing at it that using Love and Logic on my 3 year old son and 15 month old daughter will be a BREEZE. 

Well it's not. This parenting book is not for half ass parenting. Love and Logic does work. Really well. The key is being consistent. 

Now for me I had no problem not yelling at teens at work. I did not…

A humble introduction to the ulitmate CLIFF NOTES of parenting

Well, let me get started and tell you my goals here. I bought the book Love and Logic for Early Childhood. I read the first three chapters probably five separate times and the book did a great job collecting dust on my nightstand. It wasn't until my then 11 month old baby girl began using the book as a teething toy that I remembered AGAIN I should read it. 

Long story short - after a few chats with some other mamas, a book club was born. I agreed to facilitate and read the book. The catch.. well when you facilitate a book club you actually have to read the book. 

So I did. 

And I loved facilitating the book club. And all the cool discussions we had. Then we began to talk about those books about parenting we wish we had read and books we have gathering dust. I have been thinking about those discussions we had over wine after putting our babies to bed, throwing the dishes in the sink (or not) and showing up to talk about a parenting book we actually read!!!

I wondered...where is the Hol…