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5 Things Expect when Visiting the Snow with Preschoolers

Can anyone else relate to visiting the snow with small children? It is definitely an experience and I want to be clear that this post is written from the point of view of a San Diego mama.

5 things to expect  when visiting the snow with preschoolers :

1. The glove situation

Anyone who knows how to successfully get a 1 year old's hands into a snow glove please comment below. Also be prepared for a 3 year old to consistently not have his thumb in the thumb part of the snow mitten.

2. It will take longer to get out the door than you expect 

Once everyone is adequately dressed and stuffed into their snow gear you'd better head out the door quickly because although you started getting dressed right after breakfast it is going to be almost lunch time by the time everyone is ready. Well at least for a southern California family - I'm sure those mamas who live in snow have it down to a science. They get their kids to school on time. I mean I barely make it to preschool drop off in…

A Year in One Word

I was recently introduced to a new perspective on New Year's resolutions. Pick one word. Only one and focus on that word for the year. As a person who loves words and what they can do I love this idea.

One chilly (well San Diego chilly) Tuesday morning as I rounded the corner my feet pounding the pavement and my fingers gripping the handle of the stroller my word popped into my head with such clarity. There is something about running where my mind can finally clear - the noise stops- and I seem to think like I used to think before my descent into the rabbit hole circa 2012.

My word is "see".

In 2016 I plan to "see." What this means to me is to see the world around me. To really see people.  To really see nature. I want to see the person talking to me and to genuinely be there and see them as the most important person to me in that moment.

I want to see outside of myself. To not be focused on what needs to be done but to do in a state of mind where I am aware. A…

Mama Bear

I know most of you think I have two kids, but I actually have four. I know shocking right? Our boy is 7 and our girl is 10. The boy is a great running partner and loves to play with a tennis ball. And the girl pretty much has no rules and does whatever she wants - including drinking out of anybody's cup of water or milk. Don't leave your drinks unattended at our house.

Of course I am talking about our yellow lab, Dodger and our tuxedo cat, Tallulah Mae. I didn't realize I looked at our furry companions as kids until yesterday. Yesterday I went all crazy mama hulk, mama bear, or as I like to say mama bitch because it was concerning protecting our dog. Haha I couldn't help it.

Before I tell you what happened yesterday I want to explain something pretty rad that I didn't know happens when you become a parent. I first discovered it when I was dealing with our son's allergies and then later with our daughter's clear placement in the dauntless group from that tee…