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5 Things Expect when Visiting the Snow with Preschoolers

Can anyone else relate to visiting the snow with small children? It is definitely an experience and I want to be clear that this post is written from the point of view of a San Diego mama.

5 things to expect  when visiting the snow with preschoolers :

1. The glove situation

Anyone who knows how to successfully get a 1 year old's hands into a snow glove please comment below. Also be prepared for a 3 year old to consistently not have his thumb in the thumb part of the snow mitten.

2. It will take longer to get out the door than you expect 

Once everyone is adequately dressed and stuffed into their snow gear you'd better head out the door quickly because although you started getting dressed right after breakfast it is going to be almost lunch time by the time everyone is ready. Well at least for a southern California family - I'm sure those mamas who live in snow have it down to a science. They get their kids to school on time. I mean I barely make it to preschool drop off in San Diego...

3. Keep them warm 

Keeping the kids warm the whole time is key to having a good time in the snow. Any wet snow down their back or cold feet and hands will instantly end the snowman building fun. And is also a natural way to teach that those impossible gloves are actually important.

4. Do you want to build a snowman? 

At least in my case my husband and I built an amazing snowman while our kids stared at us like we are the craziest people ever. Even though my three year old talked about building a snow man the whole trip. I guess the actual labor is different than Frozen. Sorry buddy I'm not Elsa.

5. Get ready for some seriously cute quotes

Anytime preschoolers experience something new they are going to say the funniest things. For example, although my 1 year old daughter cannot talk, she emphatically did not want any snow to touch her boots. And my three year old continues to be amazed that every time he looks out the window there is still snow on the ground, exclaiming, "Mommy there is still snow!!" After some great snow man building and sledding, he stated, " Now it's time to get back to the cabin get nice and warm in the fire, eat soup and all take a nap. "

Can I say amen to all of  that especially all take a nap part, but I had to insist we get nice and warm next to the fire not in it.


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