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In defense of Mom's night out

Here's the scene.. and you know we've all been there. So I'm out on a date- actually a double date. And the four of us are standing around holding our craft beers and trying to seem awake and ready to head out to the late starting concert and not thinking about what time we will have to wake up.

Then my friend and I start talking enthusiastically - about our kids. It's actually the subject we are laughing about and comparing war stories on. Then we stop and notice our husbands standing there beers in hand listening. My husband remarks, "See there they go again talking about the kids."

Well husband this post is an explanation about why moms when in order to finally go out on a date pay teens large amounts of cash to look at their Instagram while the babies sleep soundly or kiss their husbands good bye for a mom's night out end up talking about the kids all night long.

I decided I'm not going to fight it anymore and here's why. There's really no…