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I'm probably too tired to be writing this blog post

Hey Guys -

This is an open letter to the outside world. How ya doing? We've been in strict rabbit hole quarantine over here since contagion 2016 hit Tuesday afternoon. Sorry for all the hundreds of kids and people we encountered during free museum day at balboa park Tuesday morning. Had no idea my toddler was about to be hit with some gnarly virus.

Anyone want a play by play of the past few days? If not just stop reading. Excuse my delirious state. I feel I must document what life has been like on the inside and maybe some other stay at home moms or moms who have to stay at home when their child is sick can relate.

Day 1.

High fever hits. Enter hot, but super cuddly and sweet toddler sleeping on my lap. This isn't so bad I think. As long as her fever is manageable. Enter psycho paranoid mom mode taking poor baby's temperature every ten minutes because I am just sure she is going to get a fever sending us to the emergency room. (That never happened). 

Night 1.


Day 2.

Both kids have a fever. No longer cuddly. No longer sweet. Both cranky and demanding. Preschool registration is due. Drag said infectious patients to car seats and pull up to school with check and registration and hand out the window. Last contact with the outside world (unbeknownst at the time). I may or may not have been wearing slippers and may or may not have changed out of pajama pants. Hear confirmed diagnosis of Hand foot mouth of a toddler my daughter played with a couple days ago. Proceed to google the crap out of hand foot mouth. Determined we are dodging the bullet.

Decide to have a good attitude and take this opportunity to clean out clutter and post for sale online.

Spent afternoon figuring out how to remove hard water stains from shower handle. Took before and after pics. Use equal parts vinegar and hot water (you're welcome)



Yay! Exciting!

Night 2.
Preschooler and toddler both in bed with me at one point. Husband sleeping in spare room.
Mommy sleeping 40 min.

Day 3.

Toddler wakes up with sores all around her mouth. Didn't dodge hfm bullet.
Preschooler confirmed ear infection, cough and runny nose. Totally separate virus.

3 year old nap choice 
Memorize fireman Sam song. 

Manic cleaning and laundry.

Night 3.
Crying. What is going on? Husband sleeping in spare room. Delirum hits.
Current counter line up.. all kid's medicine accounted for including mommy medicine ;) 

Day 4.
No cleaning. No laundry. Lots of TV. Tried to do a puzzle with preschooler and can't figure it out. Ages 3-5. Wrote this blog...

Who knows if  when preschooler will get HFM. Who knows if I will get it. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? Or will I be sending out another message next week to check in with the rest of the living world?

Note: Please comment or like or acknowledge this post. Even if you thought it was the worst thing ever written. I need some interaction with the world out there....

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